Find new opportunities in the Georgian oil and gas market

The 14th Georgian International Oil, Gas, Infrastructure & Energy Conference (GIOGIE) which will take place 25 - 26 March 2015 at the at the Radisson Blu Iveria Hotel in the capital city, Tbilisi.

Supported by the Ministry of Energy of Georgia, this event provides a central meeting place for the local and regional oil and gas community to discuss the latest developments on projects, policies and inward investments in Georgia’s oil, gas and energy industry.

The 2014 post show report will be available shortly

Deputy of Head of Natural Resources at the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources of Georgia, Giorgi Tatishvili has stated that $68.3 million has been invested in the energy sector, and Georgia Minister of Energy and Natural Resources, Kakha Kaladze has also pledged that $84 million from the state coffers will support oil and gas exploration.

Such commitments, and the fact that the country will complete 2D and 3D seismic surveys on 2,000 km of onshore terrain by 2016 means that there could be an abundance of opportunities for companies seeking to expand their business.

Furthermore, the United States Agency for International Development and the Ministry of Energy of Georgia have signed a Program Implementation Letter declaring their support for the implementation of the Georgian Electricity Market Model 2015 (GEMM 2015).

GEMM 2015 will greatly enhance and enable an environment for private sector led hydropower developments in Georgia by providing the transmission paths, trading tools and risk mitigation options that hydropower plants require to sell their electricity into the competitive Turkish and regional electricity markets.

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  • David Tvalabeishvili
    David Tvalabeishvili
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  • Philip Dimitrov
    Philip Dimitrov
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  • Giorgi Vashakmadze
    Giorgi Vashakmadze
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  • Liana Jervalidze
    Liana Jervalidze
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  • Fatih Kölmek
    Fatih Kölmek
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  • Giorgi Batlidze
    Giorgi Batlidze
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    David Managadze
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  • Teimuraz Gochitashvili
    Teimuraz Gochitashvili
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  • Mamuka Bakhtadze
    Mamuka Bakhtadze
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  • Giorgi Tatishvili
    Giorgi Tatishvili
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  • Soso Gudushauri
    Soso Gudushauri
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  • Oksana Gantseva
    Oksana Gantseva
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  • David Robson
    David Robson
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  • Harald Strand
    Harald Strand
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  • Kakha Kaladze
    Kakha Kaladze
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  • Wolfgang Nachtmann
    Wolfgang Nachtmann
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  • Dietmar Preinstorfer
    Dietmar Preinstorfer
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  • Elena Lazko
    Elena Lazko
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    Stephen Haykin
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  • Nugzar Beridze
    Nugzar Beridze
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  • Chris Schlueter
    Chris Schlueter
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  • David Ramsay
    David Ramsay
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  • Federico Tarantini
    Federico Tarantini
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  • Murman Margvelashvili
    Murman Margvelashvili
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  • Teimuraz Izoria
    Teimuraz Izoria
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  • Doruk Ozkok
    Doruk Ozkok
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  • Bakhtiyar Aslanbayli
    Bakhtiyar Aslanbayli
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  • Jemal Chrelashvili
    Jemal Chrelashvili
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  • Giorgi Bezhuashvili
    Giorgi Bezhuashvili
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