Decorative metal panels, Mesh Metal

Apex mesh styles

All AMICO mesh styles are meticulously manufactured to the tightest tolerances in the industry.AMICO’s manufacturing process allows us to produce customexpanded metal meshstyles tailored to specific performance and aesthetic requirements of your project.


Over the years, AMICO has improved and diversified the range and manufacturing methods of its expanded metal and perforated products.

Our architectural metals line of products includeslarge-scale expanded metal以及穿孔的金属图案以及更精细的装饰金属面板。这些产品具有bobapp体育下载高质量,耐用和负担得起的。Amico通过其新的扩展金属和穿孔金属产品系列采用现代建筑金属设计的未来。bob8800

The APEX line which includes large-scale expanded mesh patterns and finer decorative metal panels offers an exceptional combination of transparency, texture, structural integrity, and opaqueness.

The decorative metals’ unique mesh patterns, along with various engineered fastening systems, make the products easy to work with from design development through installation.

The PEAK line of perforated metal products allows designers to create unique-looking metal installations and custom patterns through our CNC-controlled perforating machinery.

The decorative metal panels can be created in several mesh styles, finishes, and specifications to cater to any particular needs.

The panels are typically manufactured from stainless steel aluminum or carbon steel, but can also be made from weathering steel, copper, and other alloys.

The thickness of the decorative metal panel made from steel can be altered from a minimum of 0.6 mm to a maximum of 3.00 mm, while the aluminum one can be a minimum of 1.00 mm and a maximum of 6.00 mm.

All decorative metal panels at AMICO are versatile and can be used for multiple purposes. They are not limited to new achievements and can also be used to coat and give a modern touch to the existing buildings, houses, showrooms, etc.

They are ideal for areas in which a large part is required to be open. AMICO offers its customers the complete package including facilities that cover the development of the decorative metal panels and meshes; including the design, fabrication, supply, and installations, all the way to finished screens.

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Façades, roof top mechanical screens, parking garage screening, railing infill panels, ceiling systems are just a few of many engineered system designs AMICO can assist with.